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Interesting!!! Canadian girl makes PP presentation to convince her parents to bring her a cat…

It is quite difficult for most people to convince their parents for a pet but this Canadian girl made a proper presentation to convince her parents to make them understand why she deserves a cat and what are the pros of having one.  Normal people like us use PowerPoint presentations at work but there are some creative geniuses who utilize the tool in their personal life as well. And quite brilliantly too. Earlier, a guy uploaded a PPT on his online dating profile impressing the ladies and now this girl has created one to convince her parents to let her have a pet cat.

She also quoted that having a pet can lower a human’s stress levels and make you happier. However, in case the words were not enough to convince them, she also added an adorable heart-warming photo of the kitten.

The whole of Twitter is trying to convince her parents to bring a cat home ever since the PowerPoint presentation slides have gone viral. The girl mentioned that she is well-prepared to take care of a pet and become a pet parent. Her father said that the reason why he is hesitant about bringing home a pet cat is that his wife is allergic to them. However, he appreciates the fact that his daughter wants to adopt a black cat as many people with superstitious beliefs don’t want to.

Let’s hope that see gets a pet….


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