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Real Baboon recreates the iconic opening scene from ‘Lion King’ by carrying the cub…See video!!!

‘Lion King’ is supposed to be the most epic animated film by Disney.The film echoes with fans and first-time watchers at different levels. It’s iconic sequences and teachings about parenthood, leadership and friendship have inspired a generation of other animated movies.

However, one scene that has remained a favourite among fans is the opening shot. A Baboon called ‘Rafiki’ takes the protagonist of the film ‘Simba’, the lion cub, in his arms and lifts him above his shoulder as all the animals in the kingdom bow down before their future king.The fictional representation of the intimacy between an ape and a lion was praised by millions of fans.Such a scene actually happened in real life.See video here…

A group of tourists was  on a safari tour in South Africa and  experienced an epic ‘reel to real’ moment when they saw a baboon carrying a lion cub up a tree.Kurt Schultz, the safari guide, was worried that the baboon would drop the lion. Fortunately, the lion was safe in his hands the entire time.

“It was a strange experience. I was worried the cub would fall because it would not survive that height. The baboon was grooming the little lion cub as if it was a baby baboon. The baboon moved from branch to branch grooming and carrying the cub for a long period of time,” said Kurt.

Kurt said he was worried about the lion cub because he had many times witnessed baboons viciously killing leopard cubs. However, on this occasion, he was surprised by the care and attention given to the cub.According to experts, baboon-lion relations are not so great in reality. Although Kurt was intrigued by the sight, he reckons the cub is likely not to survive a troop of baboons.”The lion cub poses a threat to the baboons when it gets older,” said Kurt.


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