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“Pineapple COVID spray” : Extracts from the sweet fruit that could spell a treatment !

USA ; Everyone has the same question regarding the coronavirus pandemic: When will a vaccine finally be ready for the pandemic?The importance of an effective vaccine in ending this terrible virus cannot be exaggerated.Over the past week, the number of new infections in the US fell by almost 8%,which was the fourth consecutive week of nationwide improvement.

The treatment is courtesy of professor and cancer specialist David Morris, from St. George Hospital in Sydney, who along with his team has repurposed a drug (called BromAc) that was already under development to treat cancer patients. The team believes this treatment might be able to stop the coronavirus from moving into the lungs of carriers as well as spreading to infect additional people when someone has it.

Video Courtesy ; 9news

This drug includes components that dissolve the hike that COVID-19 uses to infect other cells in humans. A trial with participating patients could start in a Melbourne hospital as soon as next month.And the fascinating thing about this drug is one of its core ingredients, a pineapple stem enzyme. It’s called Bromelain and is already valued for medicinal purposes that include treating burn victims.

It’s been prepared in the form of a nasal spray that researchers want to use to stop the virus from spreading to the patient’s throat and lungs. What Morris and his team are especially hoping is that this drug could be taken at the first sign of the coronavirus in order to stop it cold.“We’ve taken a drug in development for more than a decade and asked whether it can be adapted for treating people infected with COVID-19,” Morris said in a statement earlier this week.


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