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Barbados revives plan to remove Queen Elizabeth!!! Read more…

Caribbean:- Barbados has announced its intention to remove Queen Elizabeth as its head of state and become a republic. It aims to complete the process in time for the 55th anniversary of independence from Britain, in November 2021. Buckingham Palace said that it was a matter for the government and people of Barbados.
A source at Buckingham Palace said that the idea “was not out of the blue” and “has been mooted and publicly talked about many times”, BBC royal correspondent Jonny Dymond said.

Barbados is one of the more populous and prosperous Caribbean islands. It gained its independence from Britain in 1966. Queen Elizabeth remains its constitutional monarch there. Barbados would not be the first former British colony in the Caribbean to become a republic. Guyana took that step in 1970, less than four years after gaining independence from Britain. Trinidad and Tobago followed suit in 1976 and Dominica in 1978.
All three stayed within the Commonwealth, a loose association of former British colonies and current dependencies, along with some countries that have no historical ties to Britain.

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