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“Mosque attacked” ; 30 Pakistanis held captive over “eve-teasing” !!!

Athens: The conflicts between the Pakistani immigrants and the Greek authorities heightened after a recent incident when a mosque at Tympaki on Crete Island came under attack.Moreover, around 30 Pakistanis, who were found to be living illegally in Greece, were held captive on Crete Island because of their ‘aggressive behaviour’ at the workplace. They were later released only after the intervention by the Pakistani embassy in Athens,reports said.

During the last week of August 2020, a Pakistani man harassed a Greek girl at the place of their work. The incident created such an outbreak that 200-300 Greek youths attacked a mosque at Tympaki on Crete Island.

“A mosque being used by Pakistanis at Tympaki on Crete Island was attacked by 200-300 Greek youths. The provocation for the attack was eve-teasing of a Greek girl by a Pakistani man at their workplace,” said the sources.About 25-30 illegal Pakistanis were held captive by Greeks due to former’s aggressive behaviour at the workplace on Crete Island during the last week of August 2020. They could be released after intervention by the Pakistani Embassy in Athens.

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