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Addicted to online games, 12-year old boy spends Rs 90,000 on them…

Madurai: A 12-year-old boy spent Rs 90,000 to pay for online games amidst the lockdown. The boy who had started playing online games during the lockdown used his mother’s ATM card to online game portals. The incident took place in Melakidaram area of Tamil Nadu.

The 12-year-old boy’s activities came to light when his mother went to the ATM to withdraw money and checked her balance. The boy’s parents have claimed that he is addicted to online gaming. The parents of the 12-year-old boy allowed him to play games as they did not they want him to step out and get exposed to COVID-19.

The boy’s father Kumar runs an e-seva centre. Kumar’s wife used to take help from their son for buying products online. During the process, the boy learned how to make payments online and had access to the ATM card. The boy had spent Rs 90,000 from the Rs 97,000 that was in the bank account.  The boy used his mother’s ATM to make the payments and deleted the messages sent by the bank regarding the transactions. Initially, the boy denied using the ATM card but when he was pursued further, he opened up to his family and confessed.

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