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Global plastic manufacturing was gone up to 60 MMT in 5 years!!!

Global plastic manufacturing has gone up from 300 million metric tonnes to 360 million metric tonnes within the 5 years. Microplastics pose a critical menace to the setting as they get into our bodies of marine animals like fish, turtles, shrimps, seabirds, after which enter the meals chain, affecting people. Plastics lower than 5 millimeters in size are known as ‘microplastics’ and the comparatively bigger particles, of greater than 5 mm, are labeled as ‘macroplastics’.

Plastic contaminant study needs to be expanded more towards open oceans. If there is so much amount of plastic pollution on the coasts, then imagine how much is there in the open oceans. It will not be solely necessary to make the coasts plastic-free, however, it’s also advisable to test that plastics don’t attain to the ocean beds, she stated. To understand marine pollution it is important to study terrestrial aquatic systems like rivers and other water bodies.



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