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What happens to the Killer whales in the Mediterranean Sea? Know more!!!

There are still many phenomenon on earth that cannot be explained to the scientific world. This includes phenomenon from prehistoric times and newly discovered events. One of the second type of incidents is the attack of orca whales in the Mediterranean Sea. Several boats were already stranded and wrecked at sea in the wake of the unprecedented escalation. Oceanographers are baffled as to the reason behind this new pattern of orca whales, or killer whales.

Such attacks are frequently reported in the Spanish-Portuguese regions of the Mediterranean. The most recent Orca attack was on a British boat. The September 11th attack left the boat stranded at sea. Eventually the Spanish Coast Guard arrived and brought the boat ashore. This is not an isolated incident. Since July, several boats have been subjected to single and group attacks by orcas. No one has been killed in such attacks so far. However, when the boat was flipped and many parts of the boat flipped, the passengers were injured. The two-story boat, which is about 14 meters long, flipped 9 more orcs, causing the largest attack ever. Orca whales have been seen approaching boats in the past, but this is the first time such continuous attacks have been noticed. This trend has also caused considerable concern among small boat travelers in the Mediterranean.

There is a history of an uncomfortable relationship between orcas and fishing boats. Tuna is a favorite seafood dish for both groups. Fishing boats often follow the orcas to reach areas where tuna are most abundant. Then the fishing boats try to keep the orcas away for ease of casting nets. Therefore, it is estimated that the behavior of fishing boats may be a factor in their hostility to boats.

But this boundary dispute between fishing boats and orcas is decades old. This controversy was especially acute after mechanized fishing. Another question is how the Orcas suddenly began to attack now in the name of this age-old dispute. One researcher concluded that the scarcity of tuna may have prompted orcas to carry out such attacks to protect their own food. Orcas are extremely intelligent whales. The urge to investigate and understand things is especially prevalent among young orcas.

Whatever the reason behind this attack of memories, it will still take time to find out. The scientific reasons behind the two conclusions mentioned above have yet to be determined. Only by finding this cause can we understand the true cause of this change in the nature of memories. Until then, Spain has advised boats plying the Mediterranean to avoid orchards as much as possible. The Spanish Department of Maritime has also released an online map documenting the areas where orcas are found regularly.


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