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Journalist says that Chinese authorities threatened to detain 14-year-old daughter

A journalist who worked for Australian news agency in China has revealed that Chinese authorities had threatened to detain his 14-year-old daughter.

Matthew Carney, a former journalist worked for Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) in China has made this shocking revelation. Carney was the ABC’s China bureau in 2018.

Matthew Carney said in an interview that he and his wife were told to bring their daughter to the ministry of public security in north Beijing for questioning over an alleged breach of visa rules. And there a lead interrogator told him in that his daughter is 14-years-old. And under Chinese law she is an adult and she will be charged with the visa crime.

He said that he offered to leave China with his family but the authorities shad informed him that he could not leave country as he is under investigation. And as his visa is due to expire he will be put under detention. Later he after consulting with the Australian embassy confessed his guilt and apologized for the visa violation.

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