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‘Palak Paneer or Kebab Pizza or both?’ Vietnamese restaurant introduces India-Pakistan fusion pizza….

New Delhi: A pizza restaurant in Vietnam has introduced a new variation called the ‘India-Pakistan’ peace pizza. Pizza 4P’s, a restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, has introduced three ‘peace pizzas’ and the other two flavours are the China-USA peace pizza and the Israel-Palestine pizza.

These pizzas consist of toppings that correspond to the countries’ popular cuisines. The India-Pakistan pizza is a combination of ‘Delhi Palak Paneer’ and ‘Karachi Chapli Kebab’. The China-USA pizza consists of ‘Shanghai Chill Shrimp’ and ‘New York Buffalo Chicken’, whereas the Israel-Palestine peace pizza combines ‘Tel Aviv Zaatar Hummus’ with ‘Ramallah Musakhan’ — a Palestinian chicken dish.

This pizza has been introduced at a time when tensions between US and China are at an all-time high due to the Covid-19 pandemic. India and Pakistan have also had a long standing history of conflict, from the Partition to various wars and border stand-offs. And, Israel and Palestine have been engaged in conflict over the latter’s annexation of territories in West Bank and Gaza.

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