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“Smoking is injurious to health”:- A crab smoking a Cigarette!!! Watch the viral video here….

A video of a crab smoking a cigarette has surfaced online. In the clip, a carb can be seen holding a cigarette,  taking a puff from it. It crawls away while holding the cigarette butt in its claw. The video was also shared by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda who wrote, “Cancer taking a cancerous puff. This is like a bad dream. Our wastage being picked by the crab. We can spoil any ecosystem with our attitude.” The video has garnered more than 33,700 views. Netizens expressed anger at the video.

One user said, “It appears to me that someone has purposely tried to see the fun by throwing a lit cigarette. Not a good sign.” Another wrote, “This is disheartening to see.” Many users commented on this post humorously.  Someone noted, “Crab is the symbol of Cancer…” Yet another added, “This very bad and a big shame for those do this.” Last year, a photo of a mother bird feeding a cigarette butt to her baby at a beach in Florida had gone viral. The picture was captured by Largo resident Karen Mason at St Pete’s Beach in Pinellas County.



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