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Terrifying!!! Human-sized “Giant Rat” found in Mexico drain!!! Watch the video…

We have been familiar with Stuart Little and Ratatouille’s Remy, the weir rats. Now imagine the same rat, but it’s taller, wider, and larger than humans and looks terrifying. It was an actual incident from Mexico City that had people squeaking with a cringe. While cleaning an underground drainage system, the workers discovered a gigantic rat stuck in the gutters. The shocking discovery was reported to have been stuck there with around 22 tons of litter. The crew had to work very hard to remove the garbage from the sewer tunnels and here they came across the realistic-looking “rat”.

The rat turned out to be fake, a Halloween decoration from someone’s haunted house collection. It just somehow got stuck in the underground tunnels due to improper waste management. The video of this discovery has become viral on Facebook. A man is seen holding a water hopes, washing off the years of filth and sewage gunk off this rat’s body. The rat itself sits between the crew like a giant rat monk sitting hunched over, and the distance is enough to make it look almost realistic. Or at least an incredibly realistic sculpture of a rat.

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