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Pregnant woman jumps into water to rescue husband from shark attack….

Florida: A man who was attacked by a shark during a scuba diving trip was saved by his pregnant wife who didn’t think twice about leaping off her boat.

The incident happened when Margot Dukes-Eddy was on a boat with her parents, family members, and her husband Andrew Eddy. But suddenly, Andrew fell into the water after sliding off the boat and a large shark was seen latched onto his shoulder.

As Margot noticed the waters were immediately filled with her husband’s blood, she jumped off the boat without any hesitation. Margot’s quick reaction saved her husband’s life, who was eventually pulled out of the water with help from other family members. Soon after the daring rescue, Andrew was taken to Sombrero Beach, where medics treated him. Later, he was taken to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami via an air ambulance.

“Dukes saw the shark’s dorsal fin and then blood filling the water. Dukes, without hesitation, dove into the water and pulled Eddy to the safety of the boat,” said a report. Eyewitnesses said the predator was likely a bull shark that measured 8-10 feet.


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