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‘Who painted the Mona Lisa’ memes going viral on social media…

It is called ‘Da Vinky.’ Everyone must have seen this being used in memes on all social media platform that has left many puzzled as to what it is.

Well, ‘Da Vinky’ is actually ‘Da Vinci’ who is the famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci who had painted the exclusive ‘Mona Lisa.’ The name randomly came about thanks to a random video which was shared on social media.

On Twitter, a user named Sarah Schauer posted a video from where two blonde twins are playing a game where they have to answer some trivia questions. The page is called ‘Vorostwins’ which is run by the Hungarian-Canadian twins named Chris and Patrick Voros.

The questions are pretty easy but their answers have left everyone stunned. Coming to the viral name at hand, the twins were asked about who painted the ‘Monalisa’. Acting all clueless, they do not answer until it pops up in front of them. Instead of pronouncing it correctly, they say ‘Da Vinky.’ They answered the rest of the questions wrong as well.

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