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Why did China destroy the Dropa Stone, which revealed the secret of the arrival of aliens on Earth!!!

Archaeologists are still struggling to determine whether this is true or not. The story takes place in 1938. Chi Pu Tai and his team were doing research in the Bayon Har Mountains on the Sino-Tibetan border. Meanwhile, an unusual sight caught their attention. Graves neatly lined in some places. They found some skeletons there. The maximum height of all the skeletons found inside was up to four feet. The skull is larger than that of a normal human. Researchers thoroughly examined caves near the tombs. 716 stone discs are obtained from such a cave. Half of them were covered with soil. It was made up of stones.  A hole in the middle and two other rings around it. Something was written around the hole in the middle of the discs. It is said to be similar to the ancient hieroglyphics script.

Ancient Dropa stones

The carbon dating test shows that they are about 12,000 years old. In the cave where these were found, some creatures with heads resembling round helmets were painted. Researchers also found remnants of the Sun, Moon, stars, and Earth intertwined. Recognizing their value, the discs are said to have been stored at the University of Beijing for two decades. In 1968, Russian researcher W. Saysev requested China to send a few disc samples to Russia. Since then, they have been known as Dropa Stone. Upon closer inspection, the disc was found to contain hardened cobalt and other metals. 10,000 years ago it was found that writing on a fine rock in such a hard rock was almost impossible.

Furthermore, the results of an experiment with an oscillograph, a device that detects the wavelength of electricity flowing through an object, were astounding. A special type of wave was found to form on the disk. Russian researchers claim that electricity once passed through them. All this added to the mystery of Dropa Stone. The Dropas are said to be a tribal people found in the northern Tibetan plains. But they were said to be the height of ordinary human beings. None of the Dropa Stones’ photographs in the world today have their inscriptions visible. This also leads to the suspicion that such a script existed. Dropa Stone is said to have been kept in many museums in China. But there were no records on it. After all, who made Dropa Stone’s story so popular? Why all this? Or did China deliberately hide the fact that aliens had landed on Earth? None of these questions are still answered today!


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