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A rare edition of Shakespeare’s play was discovered!!! Read more…

Spain:-  A literature historian has found a 1634 edition of William Shakespeare’s last play The Two Noble Kinsmen. The rare document was discovered by a scholar named John Stone, who spotted the rare book while combing through the library of Royal Scots College (Real Colegio de Escoceses) situated in Spain. The play was included in a volume made up of several English plays printed from 1630 to 1635. It is likely that these plays arrived as part of some student’s personal library or as at the request of the rector of the Royal Scots College, Hugh Semple, who was friends with Lope de Vega and had more plays in his personal library.

The 386 old book was probably one of the first works by the late author to have been successfully reached Spain. English plays and books were extremely rare in 17th century Spain, however, Royal Scots college had special permission to get them imported. The tragicomedy was authored in collaboration with playwright John Fletcher around 1613 or 1614 and was the last work of William Shakespeare before he took retirement to Stratford-upon-Avon.

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