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Scientists have found 2 news species of wetland plant

Scientists from Agharkar Analysis Institute have found two new species of pipeworts, a sort of wetland plant, from areas alongside the Western Ghats in Maharashtra and Karnataka. A few of the previously-discovered plant species, belonging to the genus Eriocaulon, have confirmed to have medicinal values and have been in extensive use for his or her anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-cancerous properties. Nevertheless, the staff is but to hint the hidden medicinal purposes of those two species. Some 111 species exist in India, most of that is endemic to the Western Ghats and Japanese Himalayas.

For its distinct minute inflorescence dimension, researchers have named the species present in Maharashtra as Eriocaulon parvicephalum, whereas the Karnataka counterpart has been named Eriocaulon karaavalense indicating the Karaavali coastal area within the state. Figuring out the species within the wild is a problem, primarily on account of their tiny dimension, mentioned researchers. “Its tiny seeds and flowers make the identification of the species though. In addition, all species of Eriocaulon seem similar to each other.”

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