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(Video) “29 Tonnes Of Carrots” Were Dumped On A Street In London ; The Reason Will Surprise You !!!

Twenty-nine tonnes of carrots were dumped on a street in London, leaving onlookers in mystery. Londoners took to social media on Wednesday to share photos and videos of the 29,000 kilograms of carrots that were dumped outside Goldsmiths College in south London.

It was a bizarre site outside Goldsmiths College in south London as passerby’s spotted approximately 29 tonnes of carrots dumped on the street. Called ‘Grounding’, the installation featured ‘unwanted carrots’ that do not find a place on shelves across the UK. Once the exhibition is over, the carrots will be sent to farm animals for consumption. On seeing the unusual sight outside Goldsmiths university, Londoners took to social media to share photos and videos of the heap of carrots.

It did not take long for the tweet to go viral, with many trying to figure out the mystery behind the carrots. However, the university revealed that the carrots were part of an art installation by a student. Even though the university clarified that the food used for the art exhibition would be donated to a farm, netizens were not convinced, with some calling it an “appalling waste of perfectly edible food”. However, others tweeted in support of the artwork, saying that the carrots used were indeed rejected by the food industry.


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