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1,600 kg great white shark caught off coast in Canada….

A massive 17-foot great white shark, weighing 3,541 pounds (1,600 kilograms) was caught off the coast of Nova Scotia, eastern Canada. The shark, which has been called ‘Queen of the Ocean’, was caught by an Ocearch research team led by Chris Fischer in the northwest Atlantic.

Fisher said it was the largest ever shark that an Ocearch team has ever caught. “She is a very old creature, a proper Queen of the Ocean and a matriarch. She has all the scars, healed wounds, and discolorations that tell a deep, rich story of her life going back years. You feel different when you’re standing beside a shark of that size compared to the ones in the 2,000-pound range,” he said.

The team of researchers named the shark ‘Nukumi’ in honour of the ‘legendary wise old grandmother figure of the Native American Mi’kmaq people.’ “Nukumi is the sixth #greatwhiteshark sampled during #ExpeditionNovaScotia At 17 feet 2 inches long, she is the largest #shark we have sampled in the Northwest Atlantic #whiteshark study to date. She will help our collaborating science team with 21 research projects,” the post read.

“She will continue to help balance fish stocks in the surrounding waters, and we look forward to learning more from this wise guardian of our ocean’s eco-system,” Ocearch wrote on Facebook.


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