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Bizarre! Wants free wifi for 18 years; Couples named their daughter “Twifia”…Know why?

A Swiss couple named their baby girl after an internet service provider in a bid to get free WiFi for 18-years. The 35-year-old dad, who wish remain anonymous, came across a Facebook advertisement from a start-up company, Twifi, offering free internet for 18-years to anyone who named their child after the company – so a son would be Twifus or a daughter Twifia. The parents of the little baby girl jumped on board the campaign by giving their daughter the second middle name Twifia.

They wanted to put the money they would have otherwise spent on the internet into a savings account for their daughter. The mother said that they hope Twifia will use the cash to buy a car or learn when she is 18. The mum added that even if her daughter grows up to hate her name she can always use the money to change it and everyone will be a winner then.  The 35-year-old father said that the longer they thought about it, the more unique the name became for them, and ‘that was when the thing got its charm’. However, his wife was initially hesitant but later came around to the idea of naming the child after the WiFi company. The mother said that for her, the name Twifia stands for a connection in this context, ‘for an eternal bond’.

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