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Crime revealed!!! A man in coma regained his memory after 10 years which led to the arrest of his two friends…Read more

A 29-year-old man in Kolkata came out of his coma and recalled the events that led to his fall from a three-storey building in 2010, leading to the arrest of two of his friends from that time in Bengaluru. The two were bailed soon, but have now been arrested after 10 years, based on a new sketch of the incident. Shouvik Chatterjee and his college friends Shashank Das from Assam and Jitendra Kumar from Odisha met at his rented accommodation in Bengaluru. The victim was thrown off the terrace of a three-storey building by the two others. He slipped into coma after suffering head injuries while the two accused went on to become engineers.

Shouvik Chatterjee was in coma for a year and after waking up in 2011, he recalled the events that led to his fall from the building. He remembered Shashank Das and Jitendra Kumar pushing him off the terrace. Shouvik along with the police have recreated the event with a sketch, which proved to be a piece of vital evidence during the investigation that finally led to the arrest of the two accused. They were earlier released on bail in 2012.

Shouvik was an engineering student while Shashank was his classmate and Jitendra was also a friend who was pursuing his post-graduation. Shouvik was close to a girl and Shashank too liked the same girl, which may have led to the attack. Chatterjee cut off ties with Das after the latter passed lewd remarks against his mother and the girl. Angered over his liking, Das narrated the series of events to Sahu. Das called Chatterjee (victim) on the morning of December 6, 2010, and regretted his behavior. On the pretext of discussion, Das told Chatterjee to come to his own terrace after which Das along with Sahu and two others pushed Chatterjee down from the building. Das who slipped into a coma suffered head injuries and was treated for over two months in a private hospital in Bengaluru.

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