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“Nepotism in the music industry”; Vijay Yesudas with a shocking revelation

At the height of his achievements and fame, he disappointed his fans by revealing the decision of ‘ will no longer sing in Malayalam cinema’. ‘In the Malayalam industry, music directors and playback singers do not get the price they deserve. This problem does not exist in Tamil or Telugu. The decision was taken out of frustration, says Vijay. In the interview, he reveals the misfortunes he faced in the music world, including his father Yesudas.

“Be it singing, acting, IT or in any profession, if you have a father figure, it makes it easier. But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong as long as it’s done to encourage the other person,” says Vijay. “I think any parent would feel like it’s their duty to set their children up nicely. It’s not done to hurt anyone else. But the downside is that sometimes another person ends up losing his or her chance. If it’s done deliberately, then it’s wrong. So, there’s always that grey area on how nepotism works.”

“I don’t think there are a lot of other cases like mine. I wasn’t even given an introduction. I used to go to music directors and say I was Yesudas’ son, but that didn’t mean they would give me 10 songs or hand me the main track of the film. They tried my voice and the tracks got released because they were happy with my singing. Even after years of experience, there have been so many instances when the music directors thought it would be better if someone else sang it after I rendered the tracks and opted for others instead.”


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