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Praiseworthy DIY innovations and creation in lockdown periods..Take a look

Many people around the world turned their dull lockdown and isolation period into something productive and meaningful. Some individuals have managed to innovate and create things that not only transformed their lockdown life but also changed their homes for the better. Let us look back at some of the best DIY home innovations from lockdown days that went viral and are deserving of more appreciation.

coffee shop in the backyard

During the lockdown period, a man has terribly missed his regular visits to coffee shops with his family. So, he decided to make his own coffee bar in his backyard. Named ‘From The Ground Up’, it had everything a family home needed during lockdown and quarantine.

Not to touch their face

Max Melia of Bristol, England started working on the device after both his parents contracted COVID-19. He said the original idea for the watch was proposed by his mother, Natalie Melia. Natalie had come up with the idea a couple of years ago and wanted to use it as a tool to prevent the spread of cold and flu viruses. However, the plan for the watch was not put into action until the coronavirus pandemic started spreading and killing at a shocking rate. He began working on the device with the help of his father Richard Melia. After working on the concept work, Max has now teamed up with a product designed to create a working prototype. The device has been named ‘Vybpro’

Mask gun

Allen Pan decided to invent something that goes beyond educational videos and campaigns. Rather than taking a conventional approach of pleading people to wear face covers, Pan invented a device that shoots masks on to people’s faces. He shared details about his ‘Mask Gun’ on a YouTube video and explained how it was created.

Animal restaurants

Stray dogs, cats, and other animals mostly survive on bits of food provided by animal lovers, restaurants, and roadside eateries. But with the closure of public places back in March, stray animals had almost nothing to eat. While many were providing food to animals on the streets amid COVID-19 lockdowns, a man from the US went a step further to ensure that local wildlife never goes hungry in times of crisis. James Vreeland, who hails from Detroit, built an entire tiny restaurant for animals in his garden. He left food for squirrels and birds on a daily basis. Vreeland’s restaurant has some tiny picnic tables placed inside a fenced area with a signboard at the entrance. It has bee been named Maison du Noix, or ‘The Nut House’.


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