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Not only vanilla and chocolate, here is meat-flavored ice cream…

By the time of corona, many people were busy trying many foods that no one had tasted. Many went viral on social media. Many were unrelated combinations. It’s as simple as that. Shocked by the Oreo samosa and chocolate cake, social media is now ending with this ice cream. It has no vanilla or chocolate flavors and is a meaty flavored ice cream.

Not funny. The meat ice cream was developed by researchers at the Minsik Institute of Meat and Dairy. This frozen dessert was presented at the Belago 2020 Exhibition in September.

The video of its making was released by the Institute. You can see in the video the filling of the ice meat bowls that look like cream from the ice cream machine.

But researchers say meat ice cream has a lot of nutritional value. It can be eaten as a light snack instead of ice cream. And it’s sugar free. Dairy production specialist Gregory Pinchuk says experiments are still being done and only then can the right meat-flavored ice cream be made. Meat flavored ice cream is expected to hit the market soon anyway.

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