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Woman beggar with million in bank account, owns 5 building arrested

In a bizarre incident, a woman beggar who was arrested by police turned out to be a millionaires. The incident is reported from Egypt.

The Egypt police had found out that the woman beggar own around 3 million Egyptian pounds in banks and has also 5 buildings on her name. The woman identified as Nafisa aged 57 has pretend that she couldn’t walk because of paralysis, and would beg for money. She described herself as disabled and used to collect money from people in the name of begging with the help of sympathy.

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But she was caught red handed as some people saw her walking at the end of the day, and called the police. During the interrogation, it was confirmed that Nafisa did not have any disease and she had made assets by begging. He has 3 million Egyptian pounds in his bank accounts and owns 5 houses. The accused has been handed over to the public prosecution.








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