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Rare Assam tea sells for a record price of Rs.75,000 per kilo: Know what makes it ‘special’

A ‘rare’ Assam tea has fetched a record price in auction. The ‘rare Assam tea’ has sold at a record price of Rs.75,000 per kilo in the auction held at Guwahati Tea Auction Centre (GTAC). This is the highest price reported this year.

The ‘Manohari Gold Specialty Tea’ has sold at this record price. The tea was sold by Contemporary Brokers Private Limited and purchased by Guwahati-based tea trader Vishnu Tea Company. The tea will be sold across the world on their digital e-commerce website ‘9amtea.com’.

‘Manohari Gold Specialty Tea’ tea is special tea. Because they are made from the finest second flush colonel tea buds. It is  handpicked only at dawn. Apparently, around 2.5 kg of tea was produced this year and 1.2 kg was auctioned off.

The earlier record was also set by ‘Manohari Gold Speciality Tea’. Earlier last year, it was sold at Rs. 50,000 per kg . On August 13 last year, another specialized Assam Tea had created a record with Upper Assam’s Dikom Tea Estate selling its Golden Butterfly tea at a record price of Rs. 75,000 . Also in last year Orthodox Golden Tea had  fetched the highest price of Rs. 70,501 per kilogram.

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