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Social media jokes on Trump’s spiritual adviser for her speech…Know why!!!

A video of Paula White, President Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser, praying for his re-election has inspired memes and remixes. The footage of White has been giving a variety of new backings, with everything from EDM to Eminem.

In the video, White is heard saying: “Strike, strike, strike until you have victory, for every enemy that is aligned against you, let there be that we would strike the ground for you will give us victory, God. “I hear a sound of an abundance of rain, I hear a sound of victory, I hear a sound of shouting and singing, I hear a sound of victory.”

The pastor led a marathon prayer service at the New Christian Destiny Centre, calling for divine intervention in the presidential race. This included requests for prayers from Africa and South America to help Trump to win. In a video on social media by the handle Right Wing Watch, White utters chants like “victory, victory, victory”, “strike and strike and strike” and “Africa right now, Africa right now, Africa right now”.



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