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Government to issue ‘mask exemption permits’

The government has decided to issue ‘mask exemption permits’. The permit holders will exempted from wearing masks. The UAE government has announced this.

As per the announcement by the Dubai Health Authority, people suffering from a medical condition that can be increased  by wearing a face mask will be given exemption. The residents can apply for the permit by registering at http://dxbpermit.gov.ae.

All applications will be processed within five days. All the applications will be evaluated by the DHA’s General Medical Committee Office.

The DHA has announced categories of people who were eligible for mask exemption permits. They are the following:
– Those suffering from fungal dermatitis, especially if they have severe symptoms in the face like bleeding, itching and scaly skin.

– Those allergic to any component of a mask (allergic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, contact urticaria).

– Individuals with severe herpes simplex infection that affects the mouth, nose or face.

– Individuals with acute and uncontrolled chronic sinusitis.

– Patients with uncontrolled asthma

– People of Determination who have mental and psychological conditions.


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