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‘Virtual Diwali’ celebration: Facebook launches new features.

Facebook launched a bundle of new features during Diwali. These include features such as personalized greetings with Diwali-ready Avatars and an opportunity to encourage your friends and family to participate in fun challenges and spread festive mood online.

Facebook also delivered a detailed description of new features which were launched to add fun elements to virtual Diwali celebration. “Challenge your friends and family – Share a photo or video of how you are celebrating Diwali at home with your family with the hashtag. Dress up your Avatar: Make your short-form text posts even more expressive by sharing a special edition Diwali-themed Avatars Background.  Type your own words – in any language – over one of the colorful backgrounds with your personalized Avatar to match the theme.”

Facebook also gave descriptions for how to use all these new features. Facebook had disclosed that more than 4 million people have discussed about Diwali through over 7.5 million posts and comments on Facebook since October 20, 2020

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