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Captain Chloroquine, Batman, Superman, Wonder-woman; Names lined up on the Brazilian ballot paper…..

Sao Paulo: In Brazil, there is an event that candidates do to win elections. They will adopt a double name instead of their own. Regina Bento Sequeira, who has lost eight elections, is set to run this time around with a seasonal name – Captain Chloroquine.

The nickname will appear on ballot papers in Brazil, where local elections are being held on Sunday. Sequeira adopted the special name in response to President Jair Bolsanaro’s sympathy for the use of chloroquine for the covid defense. Although studies have shown that covid fails in the immune system, Bolsanaro believes that chloroquine is a miracle drug.

Many took to the stage to protest Sequeira’s adoption of the name. But Sequeira is adamant that such tactics should be used to attract the attention of voters. Sequeira’s election promises are to eradicate corruption. Sequeira, is a lawyer.

Sequeira first contested the election in 2004. Sequoia has chosen many names since then. They tried many names with the name Cefa – Poke Cefa, Cefa White, Cave Cefa, Super Cefa and many more. Sunday’s ballot paper will feature the names of 5,76,000 candidates, including Captain Chloroquine, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, bin Laden, Trump and Obama. Elections are being held for 64,000 seats.


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