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Policemen found their former colleague disappeared 15 years ago begging on streets

In a bizarre incident, two policemen had found out their former colleague disappeared 15 years ago begging on streets. Deputy Superintendent of Police in Madhya Pradesh Ratnesh Singh Tomar and his colleague Vijay Bhadoriya has found out their former colleague Manish Mishra.  Manish Mishra had disappeared around 15 years ago.

As per reports, Ratnesh Singh Tomar and Vijay Bhadoriya were on election duty. On November 10,they were returning after the duty and found a middle-aged beggar on the streets in the Jhansi road. After seeing him shivering they stopped their vehicle. Ratnesh gave his shoes to the beggar while Vijay offered him his jacket.

At that time, the beggar called them by their name. And then the policemen realized that he was their former colleague Manish Mishra.

Manish Mishra was police officer in Madhya Pradesh police . He joined police in 1999 and has also served as the station in-charge in many parts of the state. He after losing his metal balance had gone missing 15 years ago.

From 2005, Mishra is living in footpaths as a beggar. Both the officers handed over Mishra to a a social welfare organisation and he is now under treatment.







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