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Who is the real Emma Watson?? Surprising similarity…See images….

It is said that there are seven like one. The resemblance in the view of many is astonishing. But at first glance it looks like no difference between a celebrity and an Norton girl from the UK. Many say that Ella looks like she copied Emma Watson, a Hollywood actress who has fans all over the world.

After many people from different places said the same thing, Ella decided to share her and Emma’s pictures. Seventeen-year-old Ella says she was told she was like Emma as a child. Ella says that when she goes to big cities and so on, she is often mistaken for Emma and many people come to talk to her. Not that children and others often ask him to take autographs and take photos with him.

Ella says she has plans to play Cosplay, which is commonly seen in foreign countries. This is a way of imitating famous movies and books like characters. She has not done professional cosplay yet but is not preparing for it anymore. Ella also hopes to share about reading, human rights issues and issues related to natural pollution through Cosplay.

Ella says that getting a platform to share such topics is a big deal and she owes it to Emma. Many people come up with comments under Ella’s pictures. The comments go on to say that it’s true to say that Emma looks like everything, and that there is no difference between the two, and how to identify who Emma is.


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