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Interestingly hilarious!!! 3 women together looking for a bride for their 20-year-old husband. Watch

A 20-year-old, Pakistan man with his three wives, is reportedly looking for a fourth one. The search for a new partner has received help from his three spouses. His first marriage happened at the age of 16 and he had his 2nd wife 4 years later. His third took place last year. Their monthly expenses are Rs 1-1.5 lakhs. He says that his financial condition improved with each marriage.

In an interview, Adnan said all his three spouses are helping in looking for a fourth. He said the names of his three wives begin with the initial S and hopes his fourth will have a name with the letter S too. The names of his wives are Shumbal, Shabana, and Shahida. The only problem the three wives have with Adnan is that each of them complains that he is not paying enough attention to them. It may be hard to believe, but the three wives divide their chores and take turns in looking after Adnan

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