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Weird!!! Allergic to electricity and 5G; “Electrosensitive” man builds special outhouse. Watch

Bruno Berrick, 48, an ex-boxer, has become a prisoner in his own home because he is allergic to electricity and 5G. He is forced to leave the lights off in the evening, keep the heating off, and never does normal every-day activities like watching TV. He was a ‘normal guy’ until he began to suffer debilitating fatigue four years ago. He started experiencing burning sensations, ‘popping’ in his head and says he is left ‘paralyzed’ if he goes outside because of the impact of TV, other people’s mobile phones also make him discomfort.

He has even spent an enormous £200,000 traveling around the world trying to find out what was wrong with him. Now he has been forced to coat his bungalow in special paint designed to block out 5G and radio waves at the home in the small town of Rothwell in Northamptonshire, where he lives with his partner and three daughters. He finally finds that he was suffering from a rare condition called Electrosensitivity or Electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Only about 4% of Britishers claim to suffer from electrosensitivity. For that, he is having to build a special low-tech shelter in the garden where he plans to spend the winter so the rest of the family can have the heating on.


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