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Know how people reacted to the new ‘Tom and Jerry’ movie trailer…

Tom and Jerry, one of the most prominent childhood cartoon show has now bought the Disney, Warner Bros  who had announced the film with the release date set for 2021.

The trailer for the same was launched recently which has received major backlash from fans all around the world.  The new movie will see the classic William Hanna and Joseph Barbera characters transported to the 21st century and the cat and mouse game is set in a high-end hotel in New York City.

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The trailer introduces the plot of the film. Jerry lands up in a hotel in New York which is going to host the “wedding of the century.” The hotel’s new hire wants to get rid of the mouse problem and gets a cat, which happens to be Tom. While the animals featured in the film are animated, the rest of it is live-action. Many on social media were critical of appearance but some did like the way the iconic cartoon characters looked

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