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“There’s nothing hindu about crackers” ; Lady IPS officer trends on Twitter over cracker ban remark!!!

Bengaluru: Senior Karnataka IPS officer D. Roopa Moudgil got trolled in a flaming online controversy on Wednesday as multiple hashtags trended on Twitter over the suspension of an account she had a heated exchange with on the issue of Diwali cracker ban.

The hashtags #ShameOnIPSRoopa and #BringBackTrueIndology regard to the user ‘True Indology’ (@TLinExile)  surfaced hours after Twitter suspended the account for infringement of Twitter rules. Social media users slammed the IPS officer for “suspending” the account. Many including actor Kangana Ranaut even demanded action against the officer.

The brawl started on 14 November when Roopa conveyed her thoughts on the prohibition in a Facebook post. In her post explaining why the ban is explained, she said, “… there’s nothing Hindu about crackers”.When she shared this post on Twitter, it generated a fuss over the importance of crackers to the Hindu religion. She constantly justified her stand even as several Right-wing users interrogated whether the government will ban loudspeakers in mosques or chopping of trees for Christmas celebrations.

Faithful Indology was among the Twitter users who questioned her. The account with nearly 2 lakh followers argued that the usage of crackers was a Hindu tradition and is noted in ancient scriptures. Roopa firmly competed for the view and starteda debate with the user to post details from the scriptures that would back his claim that it was an ancient practice. The argument led to several users trolling her and some even menacing her. After a long war of words between the duo, Twitter blocked True Indology’s handle. In an Instagram post, the user proclaimed that in one of her tweets she told True Indology that “ur time’s up”.

D. Roopa Moudgil is presently acting as Karnataka’s Home Secretary. The IPS officer first came into the limelight in 2017 after she revealed special treatment being delivered to All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam leader V.K. Sasikala in jail. In her latest post that caused an online flutter, Roopa said, “Ban on crackers in Bengaluru is for this year alone, given COVID situation. Why can’t for one year we abstain ourselves from the use of crackers? Are we so hollow that our joy is dependent solely on crackers?“There are many ways to celebrate Deepawali. Light diyas, meet people, exchange mithai…but no, adamant people only want crackers. How unreasonable!”

This led to Right-wing users urging an explanation for speaking against “Hindu traditions”, and also asked whether she would extend her voice against the customs of other religions. According to a source tight to the IPS officer, “Such pseudo-intellectuals who spread lies and hate in the name of knowledge and create communal tensions should be banned.”

The source said Roopa’s entire idea was to only “engage in discussions in a democratic manner with the good intention to understand what stops them from following government orders”.“Many of the people who trolled did not have enough proof to reinforce their assertions that bursting of crackers was noted in the scriptures and part of the system since ancient times,” the source added. Senior Congressman Abhishek Manu Singhvi considered in on the social media too, saying it did not “befit” IPS officers to debate with anonymous Twitter handles during “working hours”.


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