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Do you want to get rid of mice from home? Look here!

If you see one mouse, you almost definitely have more than one. “They’re looking for the same things that humans are looking for in the winter — food, water, and shelter,” said Mannes. “They’ve gotten so good at living with humans. When you get one, others will find their way in. Plus, they multiply very quickly.”

You can get rid of rats using onion, peppermint, bay leaf, red chilli etc. The smell of onion is very pungent which the rats cannot tolerate. Just place a piece of onion and near or inside the hole of the mice and then see the amazing. Likewise, the rat will leave the place immediately after smelling peppermint.

The bay leaf is also very helpful in driving the mice away, where you will find the most mice, put a little bit of light at the place, the mice will run away.  If you don’t fancy a home full of peppermint plants, then you might prefer using peppermint oil instead. Spray the essential oil in different areas of your home that mice can access. If you’re trying to catch the mice, strategically spray the peppermint oil in places that don’t have a mousetrap.



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