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Thief treats himself with a pizza before stealing cash….Watch!!!

In a bizarre incident, a burglar who broke into a pizzeria, paused in the middle of the robbery to fix himself a pizza. His deed was captured in the security camera installed in the joint and he was later caught by the local police of Fullerton, USA.

The thief can be seen in the footage handling a lump of dough in the kitchen of the Big Slice Pizza restaurant. The guy wore a pair of gloves, apparently conscious of food safety. He then allegedly stole $500, some beer and electronic tablets before driving away in a delivery car.

The footage was shared by the Fullerton PD on their official Instagram account. “You’ve heard of the Hamburglar? Well, meet the Pizza Burglar! On Sunday morning a local pizza shop was broken into. This guy had the audacity to not only break in, but also steal their tablets and cash! Before he stole their delivery car to leave, he couldn’t resist his craving and helped himself to making a pizza pie! FPD identified, located and arrested him. Needless to say, jail doesn’t serve his favorite meal,” read the statement on Instagram.

The police managed to recover some of the items stolen which included the delivery car. Sanchez was already booked under another theft case and was out on bail when he committed the burglary. The prosecutors have charged him with grand theft, grand theft auto, second degree burglary and possession of burglary tools among others.

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