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Man pulls alligator out of water and opens its jaws to save pet dog… Watch!!!

A man risked his life to save his beloved puppy from the grip of an alligator, and it was all recorded by a nearby surveillance camera. Richard Wilbanks says his instincts and adrenaline kicked in when a gator snatched his dog, Gunner, and dragged him into a pond. He immediately jumped into the water to save his pet.

“We encourage everyone to take precautionary measures, particularly those who live or recreate near the water. Dogs and cats are similar in size to the natural prey of alligators,” the FWC said.

“They’re like children to us, so there was no second thought whatsoever,” Wilbanks said. Wilbanks opened the gator’s mouth and saved Gunner. “He had one little puncture wound, and … my hands were just chewed up,” Wilbanks said. Even after being dragged underwater in the jaws of a gator, Gunner is doing fine.


Gunner is now a little hesitant to go near the water, but because Wilbanks calls this a learning experience, he’s keeping Gunner away from the water now and always on a leash. “I would like to emphasize for people that have pets to make sure that they keep them away from the edge of the water,” Wilbanks said.

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