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Aries Max launches ‘Wolf Protection’ for Corona….

Aries Vismayas Max is fully operational with the installation of the Wolf Protection Air Mask to get rid of coronavirus fear. Vismayas Max is one of the largest post-production studios in India. The Wolf Air Mask has the latest technology to disinfect large rooms and auditoriums that are not well ventilated.

The film industry hopes that the current Covid concessions in open areas will apply to theaters and auditoriums through this modern technology. Manufactured by All About Innovations in the “Make in India” category, the Wolf brand ozone generators and ion thrusters are the best purifiers in the areas where it operates. Airmask ion thrusters are capable of cleaning large cinema halls while helping to detoxify ordinary ozone generators in the atmosphere of studios and rooms.

This device, which can discharge up to 25 million negative ions per centimeter cube, can instantly wrap and neutralize the positive ions of corona virus and other harmful viruses and bacteria. This ‘air mask’ is specially designed to be perfectly placed inside a cinema hall, protecting the acoustics and systems from any damage.
A thousand products will be launched in the first phase.

All About Innovations is a social innovation research organization consisting of engineers, doctors, scientists and community entrepreneurs. Wolf Airmask recently received the MSME Covid Solution of the Year Award and the Business Mint Social Innovation of the Year Award.

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