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Denmark in horror as bodies of dead minks rose from their graves….

Minks in Denmark which were killed and buried in huge numbers to prevent the mutated form of coronavirus from spreading which triggered a new concern in the country.

Thousands of dead minks re-emerged from their graves in a military training field outside the western town of Holstebro. Just a few days ago, a large number of the carnivorous mammals had been put into an improvised mass grave in the area.

The carcasses of the minks decomposed quickly and form gases, that expands and pushes the bodies up from the shallow graves. The culled minks were buried only 100 centimeters of dirt in a field outside Holstebro. “To avoid potential problems for animals and humans the area will be monitored 24 hours a day until a fence is put up,” the ministry said.

Denmark announced earlier this month that it would cull more than 15 million minks to prevent the outbreak of a mutated version of the novel coronavirus.

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