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South Korean hikers turn trash into art with inspiring messages….

A hiker from South Korea is turning trash collected from mountain parks into impressive pieces of art to stop people from littering the way. Kim Kang-eun, 30, started her cleaning cum art campaign after they found the slopes of Mount Jiri, South Korea’s largest national park, littered with rubbish.

She founded a group called ‘Clean Hikers’ that was dedicated to clearing trash from the mountain trails and other mountain parks into the country. However, she and her team weren’t just picking up trash for disposal, they were turning it into art.

“Junk art is more compelling and well received by people, rather than just saying let’s not litter. We can make an interesting image and it attracts people’s attention,” Kim told. “We cannot clean up the whole mountains. The more important thing is to keep doing this activity, tell people about this, and make more people join. This is much more crucial”.

Kim and her team have created collages of a fish, a bird, a cat, a butterfly, and a human being with the slogan ‘Save The World’ from the trash that was collected. The artworks have now been put up on mountain tops for hikers to notice.


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