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‘Just to have a burger’; millionaire books helicopter ride….

A Russian man who took a vacation in Crimea was craving a meal from McDonalds so much that he booked a helicopter so that he could fly to the nearest outlet that was 450 km away.

Viktor Martynov, was vacationing in Alushta with his girlfriend, but wasn’t happy with local food outlets. The nearest McDonalds outlet was 450 miles away, so he booked a helicopter to get to it, said a statement. His order was of burgers, fries and milkshakes, that cost around 49 pounds. The two-way ride in the private helicopter cost around 2,000 pounds.


“My girlfriend and I were tired of proper, organic food, we wanted normal Moscow food. Therefore, we took a helicopter and flew to Krasnodar,” he said. “In fact, it turned out to be an interesting adventure: we ate hamburgers and flew by helicopter,” he said.


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