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Deepa sang the song ‘Kaattupayale’ for Surya; The star’s promise to meet her.

After the audience took over ‘Surarai Potru’, a cover version of the song starting with ‘Kaattu Payale’ in the film went viral. Deepa Jeswin, a changanassery girl, has made the cover version of the song challenging the original.

Deepa is a fan of actor Surya. The young singer is happy that Surya too liked her song. Sony Music also gave space to the song on their YouTube channel, which they liked by watching the cover. Deepa said, “This is my third cover song. The sun was released in association with the fan club. The first song was released on Surya anna’s birthday. It was a song that started with ‘Anal Mele’ in ‘Varanam Ayiram’ movie. Another one was a song that started with ‘Munpe Va’ in the ‘Sillunu Oru Kadhal’ movie.

She added, “I am a Surya fan. When I decided to sing, I first came to mind the songs in Anna’s movies. Surya Anna had seen the cover song of the ‘Kaattupayale’. He called the fan club and said he loved the song. Anna has informed me that he will meet me when he reaches Kerala.”

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