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Chef cooks up elaborate meals with hotel room appliances; Gordon Ramsay praises him…

Jago Randles, a 23-year old chef from the UK, cooked gourmet meals using only hotel room appliances. “That looks like some decent food – certainly some of the best food I’ve seen in any hotel,” Gordon Ramsey said about a breaded chicken cutlet and steamed asparagus dish.

The meal comes courtesy of Jago Randles, from the UK who made it using only a coffee machine and a clothes iron while quarantined in a hotel room in Canada. “I started off just watching TV and stuff and I was like, ‘okay, I’m going a bit insane.’ And I think maybe I did go a bit insane, and that’s how I started coming out with such crazy ideas,” he said.

Gordon Ramsay Praised A TikTok Chef For Cooking A Fancy Meal While Isolated In A Hotel Room #FACTS DEC. 5, 2020 – Jago Randles, a chef from Cornwall, England, has been going viral on the app for the food he's made using only the tools in his #hotel room. He was recently quarantined in a hotel room in #Vancouver, according to The Washington Post, and began posting videos of himself making everything from eggs Benedict to cre?me bru?le?e using things like his coffee maker and iron. He's called it "Isolation Kitchen."One such video even caught the attention of #Gordon, who posted one of his now-iconic Ramsay Reacts-style videos about it. In the #TikTok in question, #Randles makes chicken, #asparagus, and an egg using the tools mentioned above. The video shows him laying the breaded chicken directly on the iron, popping the asparagus into the top of the #coffee machine, and frying the egg in the bottom of the coffee maker with the help of parchment paper and what appears to be part of a mason jar lidWhile Gordon was a little critical of the lack of #seasoning, he gave him props on the dish overall saying "That looks like some decent food, certainly some of the best food I've seen in any hotel." That is some high praise, and probably makes eating eggs made in the bottom of a coffee maker worth it, TBH. Luckily, Chef Randles is now out of isolation and presumably back to cooking in a real kitchen #FOODNINFO #FOODANDWINE #EATER #TASTY #TOPCHEF #LEFOODING #FOODIE #LAEATS #SFEATS #SAFOODIE #LONDON #ENGLAND #chefsroll #chefsofinstagram #JAGORANDLES

Posted by Foodninfo on Saturday, December 5, 2020

Randles arrived in Canada from the UK to start a job as a chef in Whistler. He had to self isolate in a local hotel for two weeks before he could start working. His room only had a fridge and a microwave, and after one mediocre microwave meal and too much expensive takeout, he decided to work with what he had, both to save money and his sanity.


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