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A giant crocodile appeared in front of a cheetah that had reached the river in search of prey….Watch!!!

We are scared when we hear about cheetahs and tigers. Attacking and conquering poor deer and zebras, they seem to be terribly brave and powerful, but they are not. It’s like saying that no matter how many murders, they will kneel down once.

There are powerful animals on earth that can attack and eat cheetahs and lions. A giant crocodile appeared unexpectedly in front of a cheetah that had reached the river bank to catch prey. Suffice it to say that the cheetah that hunted for prey was the last prey!

Samrat Gowda, an officer of the Indian Forest Service, posted a 27-second video on Twitter. The video shows a cheetah very patient to catch prey. But suddenly a large crocodile comes up and attacks the cheetah and bites it into the bottom of the river.

Cheetah could only surrender to the crocodile without being able to defend or escape. At the end of the video, Cheetah’s two babies can be seen standing on the shore. The video received a lot of comments. The video gets comments like ‘This is wild, emotions have no place here’.

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