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Archaeologists recreate tiles of Jewish temple where ‘Jesus walked’!!!

Israeli archaeologists and masons stated they have recreated the holy tiles and flooring of a Jewish temple in Jerusalem where it is thought Jesus walked. According to the reports, Jesus stepped through the ancient Jewish temple and his feet touched the hewn-stone, earth-tone tiles that were geometric in layout. Based on antique illustrations and historic texts, the group of archaeologists worked to recreate the ancient flooring.

“We even made the scratches and all sorts of imprints that made the exact impression as it used to look like at the period,” archaeologist Assaf Avraham told. The New Testament says that Jesus went to the temple as a boy for pilgrimage and research. The temple was created by King Herod along with other splendid facilities in the Roman-era Judea. When the surviving tiles from the period were recovered and examined, archaeologists had an opinion of the materials that were used. Hand-tooled limestone, dead Sea stone, and marble were some of the materials.Avi Tavisal, manager of the team of artisans, said the recreation of the foundation took around seven months.

Professor Ken Dark, an archaeologist from the University of Reading, claimed in his new book that he devoured more than 14 years researching the remains of a place under the Sisters of Nazareth Convent in Nazareth, Israel. The dwelling ages back to the 1st century and is thought to have been constructed by Saint Joseph, the husband of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ’s father on Earth. He was learned to be an admiringly-skilled craftsman. As per the reports, the dwelling is discovered near the Church of Annunciation and was first found back in the 1880s. Many specialists over the years have expressed that churches were constructed on top so that their value could be preserved.

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