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“We told the President that the new Agri laws are anti-farmer”: Rahul Gandhi

Yesterday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi stated that there is ‘no democracy in India’ and it exists ‘only in imagination’.

Rahul Gandhi said, “If you destroy the Agri system… There will be massive destruction. The way the Agri laws were passed in the Monsoon session of Parliament in September, without any discussion and consultation, they need to be withdrawn.” He added, “We told the President that the new Agri laws are anti-farmer. The farmers and laborers will suffer due to this.” “I want to tell the PM that farmers are not going back home until the laws are taken back. The government should convene a joint session of Parliament and repeal them.”

The Opposition joint statement read, “We register our strong protest against the baseless allegations being made by Prime Minister Modi, accusing the opposition parties of ‘repeatedly lying’ to the farmers about the new farm laws and using them for their politics. The Prime Minister’s accusations are a complete travesty of truth.” Rahul Gandhi further said, “It is an assault on the idea of India. The government is stopping our MPs from moving out of our office. PM needs to realize that there is a limit to this.” “China is sitting at the border and has snatched thousands of kilometers of our land. But why does the PM not speak upon it? Why is he silent? He is making the country weak and outside forces are seeing it as an opportunity. The country is moving on a dangerous path and it will suffer.”

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