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“Free Food” ; A Restaurant where the owner pays its customers to ‘EAT’!!!

American YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, famously known as “Mr. Beast” has begun a fast-food eatery chain where he pays customers to eat. The popular YouTuber, who is known to make viral videos affecting larger-than-life and expensive stunts, is in for a weird experiment this time. The fast-food chain of hamburger joints named ‘Mr. Beast Burgers’ – is the world’s foremost free food restaurant, he asserts. Bringing entertainment to the successive level, Donaldson can be seen circulating piles of cash, AirPods, iPads, and other gifts to customers at his restaurant, all for free.

The YouTuber, who is renowned for his high-stakes challenge videotapes, enjoys followership of 48.2 million. He released a video last Saturday, with the title ‘I opened a restaurant that pays you to eat at it’, in which he can be seen setting up a placard that stated free food outside the small joint in North Carolina.

Glancing at the banner, thousands are exhibited lining up outside the restaurant. The video portrays people ordering their meals and offered $100 in cash by Mr. Beast along with their burgers and fries. Astonishingly, when a customer in line said her vehicle had been dented on the route to the restaurant, she has given a swanky new car. The YouTuber can also be seen giving out piles of cash to those being created to stay in the drive-through.

So many cars queued up near the restaurant that at one point the police had to involve in after which Donaldson had to close the eatery for the day. The YouTuber has pitched 300 joints and the food is also unrestricted on most delivery apps in the US.


For every burger purchased, a small contribution will be created to a charity foundation that supports provide hungry families across the country. Mr. Beast was one of the most viewed content creators on YouTube in 2019, with each of his videos gaining over 10 million views. He was also praised as YouTube’s biggest philanthropist in 2018. The video of Donaldson’s new burger joint went live on December 20 and was soon trending on YouTube, finding itself on the list of top 30 trending videos on the video-sharing platform. The video has also garnered over 23 million views.

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