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Man built a tunnel from his bedroom to get to his girlfriend. Read more!!!

The way the young man found to reach his girlfriend after his wife had slept at night shocked everyone. The young man built a tunnel from his own house to his girlfriend’s house. The incident took place in Tijuana, Villas del Prado, Mexico. Alberto, a construction worker, took the risk of seeing his girlfriend.

They’re both neighbors. George, the girlfriend’s husband, is a security guard. He came home late at night. But the lies broke down when he arrived early after a day’s work. He knew the situation when he saw his neighbor with his wife. The man, who had hidden under the sofa, disappeared in a moment after seeing his girlfriend’s husband.

George then found the hole and the tunnel behind the sofa. George walked through it in the bedroom of Alberto’s. He was caught by hand, but he asked him not to tell his wife anything. George, angry, told Alberto’s wife everything.

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